Who am I?

Hi, I’m Leonie, 20 something, Indian, born & raised in Dubai and currently living in Calgary, Canada

 I love Red Velvet Cupcakes, I could eat them all day

I have this obsession with arranging everything in an orderly fashion

I am terrified of all things creepy and crawly

Food wise, it has to be Chinese, Indian (Biryani in particular) and my Mommy’s food – Yum!

Makeup, Clothes & Shoes make me squeal. Someday, I hope to own a beautiful walk-in closet where I can “organize” and “shop” my closet – a world of my own.

What is this blog about?

A Paletteful is a nice, cozy and happy place for all you makeup and beauty lovers. This creative little space will be featuring makeup, skin care and nail polish reviews, some easy how-to’s, makeup tutorials and occasional bits of food & travel.

Why did I start A Paletteful?

For a long time I wanted to do something of my own and there were two people who steered me into this direction. My colleague who is a beauty blogger herself from A Visual Treat. She took me into her beauty world and shared all her brand new makeup goodies with me. Honestly, I didn’t know such a world existed before I met her.

My little sister (not so little now) who was and still is going crazy over beauty, makeup and YouTube videos drove me into watching them too. For a while, this inspiration stuck to me until recently when I moved to Calgary with my husband and began my job hunt.

With a lot of free time on hand, I decided to take this inspiration one step forward. It took me ages to come up with a name for this blog. But once I finally gave in to it, I have been loving it. This is my little creative hobby at the moment and it makes me happy to test out new makeup, skin care and all that good stuff.

Thank you for stopping by, it would mean the world to me if you read my posts and let me know what you think. I hope you are here to stay and be a part of my blogging journey.